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Click Education is your #1 source for finding information about online college degrees. Here you can find full listings of all degrees and programs that each online college offers as well as detailed information about each school to make your decision process as easy as possible.

You can browse by school, location, or even by degrees.  Once you find the schools that you’re interested in, simply fill out the free form to request free information from each school that you choose.

Why Get Your College Degree Online?

In today’s technology-based society, it’s easier than ever to get your college degree.  In times past you were required to phsyically attend classes on the school’s schedule, lug 30 lbs of books around the campus, and were limited to a small number of schools near where you lived.  But with the intoroduction of online education you are now able to get your complete degree without setting foot inside of a classroom.  You can get your degree in the comfort of your own home.  And you now have access to any number of different colleges around the world that offer online degrees.

Will an Online Degree Get Me a Job?

Absolutely!  Most colleges that offer online programs and degrees are fully accredited educational institutions and give you the same level of education as you would receive if you were sitting in their classes.  In addition, with the increased popularity of online education, more and more employers are seeing on-compus and online degrees as equal qualifications in the job market.

What are the Benefits of an Online Education?

Just name a few:

  • You can take the classes at your convience - no strict class schedules to follow
  • You will save loads of money (gas, food on campus, childcare, etc.)
  • You can work at your own pace in many cases
  • You have more schools to choose from (distance is no longer a factor)
  • You get the same level of education (in most cases the curriculum is the same as on campus classes)
  • You can do your classwork from wherever you’d like

Getting your degree has never been easier.

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